How Government Protects Human Rights

How Government Protect Human Rights is an important question to ponder in these present times. The deterioration of all human rights around the world has been one of the biggest challenges of our time, and this challenge continues to be addressed by governments with varying levels of competence. However, it is alarming to note that human rights abuses are not only happening within the confines of political jurisdictions but are taking place on a global scale, as well. This has been seen in conflicts and other situations where one nation has been forced to resort to force to quell dissent, and in some instances, mass violence has erupted against its own population. How Government Protect Human Rights addresses this problem head-on by putting in place plans and strategies that will give every nation the tools necessary to protect its people from abusive actions by foreign nationals.

A prime example of how government should deal with such a problem is during the Gulf War, when Iraqi forces abducted approximately 200 civilians who were peacefully doing their job on the Gulf coast. The Iraqi soldiers summarily executed these innocents just because they posed no threat to their military occupation of what was already recognized as a disputed land. In response, the international community as well as the residents of the region took to the streets in large numbers to support the victimized civilians. The horrific abuses committed against these civilians not only shocked the world, it also galvanized a worldwide movement for accountability in acts of impunity committed by foreign governments and corporations engaged in acts of aggression. When more nations band together in support of those victimized, then the likelihood of a lasting victory over the scourge of war and terrorism will certainly be in favor of those who stand up to intolerance.

The world needs to take a cue from the residents of the Middle East, and similarly throughout the world, who have waded into cyberspace to put their bodies on the line to stand up for what is right when governments, along with corporate interests, step into the breach to defend their interests at the cost of liberty, peace and justice. It is time for governments, regardless of which party is wielding the power, to listen to their people, and when they do, they must respect their right to voice a complaint before the United Nations Security Council. These types of citizen’s rights need to be implemented, and if the United States does not show the courage necessary to truly help these peoples, who are under attack from forces outside their borders, then other countries will. As long as there are weak governments, there will be turmoil and chaos; unfortunately we do not know which governments will fall short of the mark.

For too long, the United States of America has shied away from condemning human rights abuses perpetrated against the people of the world; however this will not change until the American people actually stop electing leaders who support these types of policies. Until that day comes, it is absolutely necessary that every person who elects to office understand the importance of human rights. They need to embrace this philosophy and begin to unequivocally protect the rights of all citizens regardless of race, religion, or sexual orientation. If not, then history will repeat itself, and we will witness terrible crimes being perpetrated against those who cannot defend themselves.

Without peace and security, how can the human mind thrive? Can we ever expect a free and open society, with all its citizens living in harmony with one another? And what about the rest of the world, those who are not fortunate enough to be born into a country where they can freely worship as they wish, or not have to tolerate religious persecution? Without human rights, can we even imagine a true and balanced international negotiation process?

As citizens of the United States of America, it is not only our duty to learn more about human rights, but it is also our duty as Americans to protect human rights. There is nothing wrong in learning more, especially when it pertains to our own rights. Indeed, I hope you will join me in learning more today, so that you may feel prepared to voice your concern in the future when it may be needed. For without human rights, there can be no true civilization, and the United States and the rest of the world will become just one world among many. Please consider all this.